What is BS3621?

Have you seen Aviva’s latest home insurance advert?

In a mock interrogation scene, a man is being questioned about the locks fitted to his doors and whether they meet BS 3621.BS 3621 is a British Standard designed to show whether a lock is of a good, thief-resistant quality. However, even though the homeowner in Aviva’s advert has lived in his house for seven years, he’s unable to answer the insurer’s question. He doesn’t know – would you?

Finally, the man cracks: “I don’t know!” he cries. “Nobody knows!”
The advert is right – for the end user, questions like these can feel impossible to answer. At Securit Locks and Keys, we understand that BS3621 is probably not something you have time to think about.
Yet while it might look like technical jargon, BS 3621 is an important standard to understand for homeowners, with the implications potentially being fairly big. To meet this standard, a lock must exceed a certain level of performance and be subjected to a general vulnerability assessment. This assessment allows it to be Kitemarked by the British Standards Institution – a highly-recognisable quality mark showing it meets optimum standards for attack resistance, security, quality, and reliability.

Most of the features of the British Standard focus around attack resistance. To meet the standard the lock must be able to withstand drill attacks for at least 5 minutes, bolt attacks for at least 5 minutes and also the lock has to have an anti-picking mechanism in place. The main bolt of the lock must be at least 20mm in length and the keep, where the bolt sits in the door frame, must be of a good quality design.

Crucially, BS3621 is the benchmark for insurance companies to measure the robustness of door locks. If you are burgled and your locks have not been tested to this standard, you may not receive your expected cover upon making a claim. Any Kitemarked lock will bear the logo, so with a simple check, you can ensure you remain protected.

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