Lock Snapping On The Decline

The Master Locksmith Association has recently reported that the incidences of house break-ins using the lock snapping method is on the decline. From a high of 15.87% of burglaries involving lock snapping to a low in 2019 so far of 8.32%, it shows that something is happening for such a large reduction in the figures, but what is it?

The MLA believes it is the introduction of the diamond approved SS312 cylinders in 2011, and the TS007 standard introduced in 2012/2013.

I believe it is also down the dedicated locksmiths in the UK who now only fit euro cylinders that meet the new criteria with the sacrificial breakpoint in the cylinder, and also by ensuring that no more than 2-3mm extends beyond the handle to make the lock snappers job next to impossible.

If you don’t know what standard of lock you have in your door, or whether it will resist a lock snapping attempt, make sure to call your local locksmith and find out.

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