Spring Cleaning: How to Properly Maintain Your Locks

Although it may not feel like it, we are in the middle of spring which is the time for many households to undertake their annual “Spring Clean.” According to British Gas, over 560 million hours will be spent by homeowners looking to freshen up the home in time for summer.

But one feature of the home that is often overlooked is the condition of your locks. Since they are responsible for the security of your property, the need to maintain your locks never diminishes, and regular lock maintenance can prolong the life of critical components as well as ensure the continued safety and security of you and your possessions.

So what do homeowners need to be doing to properly maintain locks and keys and rid them of the damage that winter weather can cause?

Maintaining Your Locks

Spring is the perfect time to perform lock maintenance, as the cold winter weather makes way for the longer days and the increased temperatures of summer. Here are three things you need to be taking care of during your spring cleaning regimen.

Cleaning Locks

It always makes sense to start with just the straight forward cleaning of locks and keys. Cleaning locks is relatively easy to do. Start by taking a mild detergent and applying it to a damp rag. Then take the cloth to outer lock, wiping it down (including the handle) to clear any debris. Remember only to use a very mild detergent, don’t use acidic or corrosive substances that will damage the metal or surrounding wood. Don’t forget to clean your keys too!

Lubricating Locks

The lubrication of locks can help with overall performance and doesn’t necessarily have to take place in spring. However, since you’re already cleaning large portions of the house, it makes sense to lubricate your locks at the same time. Avoid petroleum-based lubricants and only spray and gently apply a small amount into the keyhole. To spread the lubricant to maximum effect, use the key in the door several times testing the lock function each time.

Testing Locks

Once the cleaning and lubrication have taken place, it’s time to test the locks are all working correctly. All you need to do is go around the house locking and unlocking doors to check that there aren’t any issues that may require the help of a professional locksmith. Look for problems such as lose cylinders or sticking locks, which may need the attention of an experienced professional.

What Should I Do If There’s a Problem with a Lock?

Once you’ve undertaken the three-step process above, you may uncover some severe issues with your door locks. The changing weather during the previous summer and winter often affects the performance of locks, with expansion and contraction of materials frequently resulting in misalignment.

If this is the case, then you may want to replace the lock to guarantee the protection of your valuables. While it may be tempting to attempt this on your own, it only takes a professional as little as thirty minutes to install a new lock, and you have peace of mind that the works have been completed to professional industry standards.

If you uncover issues with your locks during spring cleaning, it’s always best to call in professional help. Here at Securit Locks and Keys, we can provide fast and efficient lock fitting services in Fareham and surrounding areas at competitive prices.

Whether you’ve found yourself locked out of your home in Portsmouth, or you’ve noticed your door lock has become misaligned in Waterlooville, we can provide quick, affordable, and professional locksmith services.

Call Nick now or book an appointment to ensure the safety of your property today.

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