Summer is on the Way, But Avoid a Lax Approach to Your Door and Window Security!

With warmer weather on the way, many of us will be leaving both windows and doors open to let in some much-needed fresh air, but doing so could raise the risk of theft or burglary. Contrary to popular belief, burglaries happen predominately during daylight hours, at least 47% of them are “spur of the moment”, and they last eight to twelve minutes on average.  

Despite 2020 being dominated by the coronavirus outbreak, crime statistics revealed that burglaries in Hampshire remained consistent with last year’s figures across both the initial lockdown period and beyond. Bearing that in mind, it’s probably a good idea to review your door and window security arrangements to make sure that they’re fit for purpose.

Review Your Approach to Home Security

It doesn’t matter how good your door or window security locks are if they’re left open! Therefore, before you think about installing new security devices in your home, you need to think about your own personal approach to securing your home. Do you leave windows open in areas of your property when you’re not present? 

For instance, with summer now on the horizon, you’ll be spending more time getting garden furniture out of the garage. If you’ve left the window open, it will only take an opportunist burglar a few minutes to gain entry and leave with potentially hundreds of pounds’ worth of valuables. Frequently, you won’t even hear anything; you’ll only find out the next time you come to open your garage.

Therefore, take the time to secure windows and doors after you’re finished using them. For instance, make sure to check all downstairs windows are shut before going to bed and don’t forget any outbuildings, such as garages, workshops, or garden sheds. 

Another excellent home security improvement task is moving items of value away from both windows and doors (such as car keys) so that they’re not advertised in any way to prying eyes.  

Improve Your Door and Window Security

As well as cultivating a better attitude toward home security, you can improve your door and window security hardware to make it much more challenging to gain entry to your home, should a criminal attempt to burgle it.

Sash jammers are an excellent method for improving your uPVC door and window security. They are an inexpensive extra layer of protection, and they prevent a thief from gaining access to your home if they initially bypass your door or window lock. They work by adding a bolt that runs from the main window or door across the frame, so a door and window cannot be opened from the outside in the event of lock failure. 

They are available in lockable formats, to prevent anyone (such as an elderly or disabled individual) individual from being trapped inside. For a small window, one sash jammer should suffice. For large windows, front or back doors, and French patio doors in particular, at least two are required to ensure heightened security. While they are relatively easy to install, we would always recommend using a reputable Hampshire-based locksmith to fit them to professional industry standards.

Another similar upgrade would be to replace window and door locks with cockspur handles, which utilise a similar principle to the sash jammer. These handles have “noses” that protrude over the door or window frame which prevents the door or window from opening should a criminal attempt to bypass the lock. 

This is another excellent choice, especially if you’ve found (after not opening your windows for a while) that your current locks no longer work, or aren’t fit for purpose. We offer cockspur handle fitting services right across the Hampshire region.

Improve Your Door and Window Lock Security Today 

No matter what’s going on in the world, residential burglary continues regardless. Therefore, it makes sense to review your current home security arrangements and assess whether they are up to scratch. 

The great thing is that improving the security performance of your doors and windows can cost relatively little when compared to expensive home security systems. For instance, one sash jammer can cost as little as £10 (excluding professional fitting costs). 

We provide locksmith services within major Hampshire towns and cities, including Portsmouth, Gosport, Fareham, Waterlooville, and Whiteley. If you would like to discuss your Hampshire-based home security needs with a locksmith you can trust, don’t hesitate to call Nick to talk over your options. 

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