How to Prevent Lock Snapping Burglary Incidents

Whilst the number of burglary incidents which have occured by lock snapping has decreased 7% since 2011, in 2019 over 8% of burglaries involved this technique

This statistic still presents concerns for many homeowners that lock snapping is still a popular method of entry. In some cases, homeowners are unaware that their locks could be snapped at any time.

What is Lock Snapping?

The most common type of lock to be snapped is a Euro Cylinder lock.

A Euro Cylinder lock is made up of two parts. When a burglar attempts to break entry into the property, they will ‘snap’ the lock cylinder in two. When they do this it will expose the lock mechanism which then allows the door to be unlocked.

Once the burglar has access to the lock mechanism they can unsurprisingly gain entry with no specialist skills, tools, or knowledge in no time at all.

Lock Snapping is most common on UPVC Doors but can also occur on composite or wooden doors.

How do I know if my lock is at risk of being snapped?

Listen to Nick Kelly, Director of Securit Locks and Keys highlight how you can tell whether your lock is at risk of being snapped.

Protect your valuables and call the experts

One of the quickest ways to protect your property and valuable possessions is by calling a qualified locksmith. While it is possible to change your locks yourself, you should always use a professional locksmith to ensure that they are fitted per industry standards.

So if you want to secure your property, why not use a police-background-checked locksmith with £5 million in public liability insurance for total assurance?

Call Nick now or book an appointment today.

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